Friday, March 28, 2008


Is there anything better that a Jane Austen novel? I think that this has been one of my favorites to read, simply because I went into it knowing nothing about it. Most of my other readings have been clouded by previously watched movies, or by being forced to read them for book reports.

I love Austen because she idealizes my sense of romance. I find it very difficult to relate to modern novels and movies. They cloud romance. They cloud it with sex, divorce, motives, lust, infidelity, etc.. I love the purity of two people of good character falling in love, and loving the other for all the good that they are. That is my ideal.

However, my world does not represent either of these ideals (neither Austen nor modern romance). Real life falls somewhere in between. At least mine does. It is impossible to deny the world we live in. Even when you do your best to block out the world, when you marry someone, you marry another sinful being. Two sinful people cannot create a relationship that is anything close to ideal.

So what do we do? God created man and women for each other. But, he never promised us romance. This world is always going to be clouded by sin. He does, however, give us instructions. They may not always make sense in light of this world but they are for our own good. And as we learn God's heart they make more and more sense.

Jane Austen captures the ideal. There is always pure, true love and a happily ever after. As a Christian, I know that God promises me the same through his love and promise to keep me with him always. I think that's where my hunger for romance comes from. From a desire to feel love shining upon me. In this world, the closest we get is an enraptured lover. I am looking forward to the day that I can feel the pure and beautiful love of God without the filter of sin. Sorry, Jane Austen, but I don't think that I'll need you anymore then.

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