Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Feeling Low

I am just feeling down this week. Today marks one whole week that Jay has had the flu. Poor man. I know that that he is getting better, but it's hard for him to recognize. His patience has run out, and he's starting to think that he's never going to get well.

And my patience is running out too. I'm trying to be a good nurse and be loving, nurturing, and positive. But, I'm feeling emotionally drained. Physically I'm tired, but emotionally, I'm exhausted. I keep praying for strength, but I feel like it's not coming. I know that God is answering my prayers because I haven't run out of the house screaming yet. It's just easy to assume myself ignored.

I know that God will see us through this. It's just been a hard season for me. I feel worn and tired, but without any fruits to show for it. So, pray for my little family...that we'll make it through the flu and that we'll feel God's love and peace on the way.

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