Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Stow-Away Furniture

Our house is not well configured for a coffee table. We used to have one, but we kept hitting our shins on as we walked by. Now it's at my sister's house. But when you have company over, it's nice to have those extra places to set drinks and plates.

So, I came up with a different solution. I got two Lack tables from Ikea. They were $12.99 each. The legs screw on and off. On normal days, I take off the legs and stow them under the couch. And then when people come over I pull them out and put them where ever I need them. They work perfectly!

1 comment:

Aleesha said...

Ooh, Ames, I LOVE those tables. We have two in our living room as end tables and two in our bedroom as nightstands. They even survived a move to Toronto... you don't get much better than $12.99!