Sunday, July 27, 2008

Dishwasher - Fixed

My working dishwasher....exciting, huh?

So, remember how I said that the week after Meg's wedding wasn't the best week? It started with my car breaking and grew when my dishwasher broke and air-conditioner started acting funny.

I really do love being a home owner. Really. Until weeks like this where money is flying out the window and everything seems to be broken and in need of attention. Some things (like the yard) never seem to stay kept up like I would like.

Anyway, when the dishwasher broke, I really hated the idea of calling a repairman. I mean dishwashers aren't that expensive, and it would cost $ just to get someone out here. So I decided to take a shot at it.

I knew what was wrong: no power seemed to be going to the dishwasher. The lights wouldn't light and it wouldn't operate at all. So, I checked the breaker, checked to make sure power was actually going to the dishwasher (it was), and then started searching on-line. I just typed in my problem, did some research on my model, and found a couple of things that it could be. I opened the control panel, tested those parts and decided I had a blown thermal fuse (please don't ask me to explain more than that...I can't). I went to a parts supply place, got a new one for $18, rewired it, and viola, it works!

I'm always amazed at what you can do when your willing to put in the time and are brave enough to try. I was really quite proud of myself. So, now I have a working dishwasher and my days are going much better.

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