Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Saturday was such a beautiful day. Everything fell into place nicely. Here is my quick summation of the events. I have a limited number of pictures right now, so I'll post more pictures of the dress and such later.

We went to the hair salon bright and early to get Meg's hair and make-up done. Isn't she lovely.
Then I ran back home to pick up the dress and the rest of my stuff. This is a picture of me shaving the dress. The satin was very delicate and picked very easily. So, I just used a razor to shave off any picks.
This is Meg in the dress and me trying to steam it with out burning her. This picture makes me laugh. I think it sums up the morning nicely.
Meg and Kyle got married! The preacher did a excellent job.
Me and the bride at the reception at Maggiano's (yummy)
Meg and Kyle on their way out. Time for a honeymoon!
Mom saying good-bye to Meg. Now they can drive off into the sunset in the Ramblin' Wreck.

Thanks to all whose pictures I have stolen (probably Leah, Ashley, Maria, etc)

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