Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome to the World, Zane!

Zane Danger Clark
Holding Zane
The proud parents
Maria with Zane

Our dear friends, Pat and Katy had a beautiful baby boy named Zane early Sunday morning. Mom and baby are healthy and happy.

Zane's appearance into the world was a bit of a suprise. I think anyone would be suprised if their baby came five weeks early. I mean, we have a shower planned this coming weekend for Katy. So, Mom will be attending the show, and Zane will be making a guest appearance.

I spent a little bit of time with Katy and Zane today, and it's easy to see how having a newborn could easily become such an overwhelming thing. You pretty much have to shut the rest of the world out and focus on the baby's needs. And those needs seem so completely undefined. But, Katy is doing an amazing job and seems to be adjusting to motherhood very naturally. She is especially impressive because she missed a whole 5 weeks of (very important) preparation time.

Way to go, Pat and Katy!

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