Friday, July 25, 2008

New Car!

My NEW Honda CRV in Glacier Blue

So, the week after Meg's wedding wasn't be best week. First, during the wedding, my car decided to start overheating. I figured it'd be an easy problem to fix, but after more coolant, a new thermostat, a new fan (i.e. $300 later) we were informed that we had a blown head gasket and a cracked head. I think that's what he said. Anyway, it cost around $1000 to fix.

We took the car to another mechanic and got a second opinion...and yep, same thing. $1000 and other possible engine problems that can't be determined until we get it fixed.

My car's barely worth that much money as it is, so we decided it was time to bite the bullet and get a car.

Jay was really busy last week, so I did most of the car shopping on my own. I knew basically what I wanted (a small SUV type car). I thought I wanted a Subaru Forester, but after looking around I decided on a Honda CRV.

I was going to get a late model used car, but I really couldn't find any, and the only ones that I could find practically cost as much as a new one. So, in the end I wound up with a new car. This is the first car that I've ever bought. I don't think that I enjoyed the process as much as I could have, considering I was shopping for a car I hadn't planned on purchasing. But, I'm really enjoying driving it around.

I actually bought the car in Easley, SC. We were visiting Jay's family in Greenville last weekend, and I spent Saturday shopping for a car. It seems that the farther from the city you go, the nicer people are and the better deal you get. I went from Atlanta to Greenville to Easley. My sister-in-law (Betsy) and niece (Morgan) helped me shop. I was so glad that they were there. I really needed a second opinion, since Jay was busy helping his family work on house stuff. And Morgan kept me from getting stressed by being cute.

I feel so excited and privileged to be driving around a NEW CAR!

I am, indeed excited about my car. However, my dreams of being a showcase model are dashed.


Anonymous said...

Watch out Vanna!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sorry your old car died, but I really like the new one. Can't wait to ride in it...even in Atlanta!

Call me biased, but I think you'd make a lovely model, though you might want to try a different pose. love ya, Aunt pat